Student Spotlight
Rian Matthews

Rian Matthews '16 critiques the work of an artist - and finds it lacking

Featured in TheDEN
Henry Durand ’70

Henry Durand ’70 remembers a complex moment in Denison’s evolution.

Where We Go
CeCe McGee ’15

When CeCe McGee ’15 graduates this May, she knows she won’t be leaving Denison for good. As the college’s newly elected recent student trustee, she will be visiting the campus often.

Student Spotlight
Christopher Cole

Christopher Cole is about to launch a new app, and it’s all about sharing the world in new ways.

Faculty Spotlight
Black Studies Faculty Published Books

Black studies faculty members publish books that explore such topics as stereotypes in south African and American literature, the Orangeburg Massacre and its affect on a small southern town, and black activists who aligned with Mexican American farm workers to further their own struggles for freedom.