Knobel prizes

Posted: April 19, 2013


In recognition of President Dale T. Knobel's upcoming retirement on June 30, Denison University honored President and Mrs. Knobel with two special events at the college on Friday, April 19. 
During a celebration lunch with the college's Board of Trustees, Board Chair Tom Hoaglin, class of 1971, announced the decision by the board to rename the Welsh Hills Room in the Burton D. Morgan Center as Knobel Hall, in recognition of President and Mrs. Knobel's long and dedicated service to the college. In his remarks Hoaglin said, “It is appropriate that this room brings people together, just as Dale and Tina have done countless times, hosting gatherings for faculty, staff, trustees and students.” Hoaglin added, “This room's spectacular and long-ranging views align perfectly with Dale's focused and strategic vision for our college.” The spacious room features grand views of campus and the Welsh Hills to the north through a number of two-story, floor-to-ceiling windows on three sides. A sizable plaque will identify this campus landmark as Knobel Hall.
Hoaglin presided over a second event honoring the Knobels on Friday — the unveiling of the Knobel presidential portrait. The portrait was painted by acclaimed artist Robert Anderson, who has painted official portraits of a number of U.S. and university presidents, George W. Bush among them. During the unveiling in the Presidents Room of the William Howard Doane Library, where portraits of all 19 of Denison's presidents are displayed in tribute to their contributions in the life of the college. Tony Lisska, professor of philosophy and a historian of Denison and Granville, gave an anecdotal overview of the college's presidents since the college's founding in 1831.
Hoaglin said in his remarks to the overflow crowd, “Given Dale's accomplishments over the last 15 years, he rightfully takes a permanent and esteemed place in the history of Denison.” He thanked both of the Knobels for their unparalleled 15 years of service to the college.
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