Enchanted Cottages

Enchanted Cottages Building Image 1

These prefabricated homes were used by married veterans attending school on the GI bill.

History & Architecture

Prefabricated housing provided by the Federal Public Housing Authority for use by married veterans attending school on the GI bill. The temporary cottages were placed on the East and West quads. Each contained four units of 20 by 25 ft., one unit housing one couple and made up of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bath. Temporary housing was also constructed for single veterans on the West quad. The single men's units were given names such as the Pines, Spruces and Sycamores while the cottages for couples were given title from Greek mythology such as Elsium and Atlantis.

From the Past
After WWII, the GI Bill opened the door to college for more than 2 million vets, creating a need for fast temporary housing and forever changing the student profile in American higher education.