Supervisor/Teacher Evaluation (Education Department)

If you prefer a paper copy of this evaluation, please call 587-5768 or e-mail Suzanne Baker. Please note that although we anticipate that all the information given below will remain confidential, we are aware that any information given on the web has a possibility of being accessed by others outside our department.

Please list activities this student participated in: (for example) observing, evaluation,one-on-one tutoring, group activities, teaching, dialogue with teachers.
( Skilled and knowledgeable )
( Prompt, dependable, prepared, reliable, efficient, organized )
( Is resourceful, imaginative and has initiative )
( Evaluates fairly, uses common sense )
( Fair, consistent, has control of situation )
( Expression, choice of vocabulary, fluency )
( Expression, sentence structure, coherence of thought )
( Responsible, organized. )
( Promotes harmony, supportiveness,constructiveness,tolerance,optimism,warmth, understanding, friendliness, empathy, sense of humor. )
( Poised, confident, composed. )
( Deals with unexpected situations, original, unique, creative, organized. )
( Stable, dependable, composed, adaptable, rational. )
( Courteous, considerate, confident, poised, recognizes personal strengths and assets. )
( Neat, dresses appropriately. )
( Ability to Motivate Students Comments. )
( Please mark the overall performance of the student in your class this semester on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the highest. )
( Were there any unexcused absences? )
( What is your estimate of the student's grasp of the subject matter? )
( Describe the student's ability to be sensitive to the needs of the children or adolescents. )
( List the strengths of the Denison Educational Studies program, as evidenced by your field experience student. )
( List the areas needing improvement in the Denison Education Studies program, as evidenced by your field experience student. )