Share Your Student Story

Have a story to tell? A photo to share? Your best advice for other students and the incoming class? Student Stories are made up from contributors all across the Denison community. Submit your story for a chance to be featured on and pass along what makes your Denison experience unique.

Check out our current topics to get started:

  • What I Didn't Know - The moment that changed everything. Learning comes in a steady stream, inside class and beyond, but every once in a while it happens in a flash. This is the realization. The ah-ha moment. The unexpected experience that teaches the exact thing you didn’t know you needed to learn.
  • All Together Now - Service. Community. Collaboration. Whether it’s research with a professor or another student, or staging a performance, or pooling our efforts to help someone in need, or just living every day in the res halls—we are working together, figuring out what needs to be done, and doing it.
  • The Places You Go - The Denison reach goes way beyond the Hill. Call it learning to feel confident in unfamiliar environments, or building deep appreciation for languages and cultures, or just broadening your perspective—the fact is, you have things to do, places to go, and people to meet.
  • Day In the Life - Your “every days” add up to a life. (Woke up, went to class, saw deer on the Quad, spilled paint on my shoes, went to practice, laughed so hard at dinner that I almost choked on a French fry, hunkered down in the library, went to bed…) What did you do today?
  • Words to the Wise - Great advice is born of experience, insight, and a lot of heart. The best advice comes to you, just when you need it. Other times, it’s something you’ve learned along the way that you can share with someone else.