A summary of student Motor Vehicle Regulations for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

Denison University provides online resources to students, faculty and staff for many purposes ranging from education and research to communications and entertainment. The costs associated with operating a large volume network are part of the general operating expenses. By using online resources wisely and respectfully, we can contain costs and provide more secure services for the Denison community.

Third-party product certification labels to look for when making purchases of environmentally responsible products and materials.

The responsibilities listed here are legal requirements for the College under the Title IX legislation of 1972 which requires among other things that Colleges and universities investigate and act on knowledge of sexual assault—including educating and training campus personnel about their respective roles and responsibilities for reporting incidents.   

If you need to use a Denison vehicle, please first review the Vehicle Use Policy. Vehicles may be reserved for use in service learning classes. They are not available for individual volunteer activities, research activities, or running errands. To check out a Denison car you must have a defensive driving card from Denison.