Gender Identity & Expression | Health & Wellness

This document has been produced by the Eating Disorder Interdialogue Team (EDIT), which is an interdisciplinary team of professionals whose work is to assist Denison students with eating disorders and to improve the dialogue on campus around issues of eating disorders and body image. It is provided as a guide to faculty, staff, administrators, and students.

First-Year Program

Resource Guide for Parents of First-Year Students.

Controller | Student Finances

Letter from the Controller providing additional information on the Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan offered by Denison University. All full-time students must have insurance coverage. This coverage is required for full-time students not covered under their family's health/hospitalization plan. Even if you have coverage under another plan, it is strongly urged that intercollegiate athletic, club sport, intramural, off-campus study participants, and international students carry this coverage.