The America Reads Advisory Board program was established to offer students who are passionate about America Reads a chance to help guide the program within its given constraints. As such, A-board members help the coordinator plan training sessions, help with recruiting activities, interviewing and most importantly planning effective reflection sessions.

The school liaison program will enhance communication among tutors, teachers, principals, school coordinators, and the Denison coordinator. School liaisons will clarify expectations, provide opportunities for feedback, and solve problems among all constituents. Liaisons will be important leaders in the America Reads program.

Students with Federal Work Study will be placed for up to 6-8 hours per week with a local community non-profit organization to assist with on-going or new projects as needed by the organization. Students should be engaged in meaningful work that directly aligns with the mission of the organization.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a new DCA committee, please complete the proposal form. Upon completion, your proposal will be reviewed by the DCA Cabinet and you will be contacted with the next steps for the proposal. Before you submit a committee proposal, please review the following DCA documentation including the DCA Constitution and election procedures. Should your proposal gain approval, your organization will be subject to these regulations in addition to Denison University campus organization policies.

The goal of the Entrepreneurial Endeavors workshop is to link entrepreneurship theory with practice, studying entrepreneurial thinking and cultivating transferable entrepreneurial skills.

Students, please use this form to select areas of interest for volunteer opportunities.

The Make It Happen! workshop will consist of classroom presentations, discussions, and field trips. Participants are encouraged to identify an area of interest that they can use as a focus for their work during the workshop and beyond.

Mileage Reimbursement request form for the Alford Center for Service Learning. Forms must be turned in the first week following the month you incurred the mileage.

Denison University conducts background checks in compliance with Ohio and Federal Law for students engaging in volunteer and/or course-related work off campus.

The Student Wellness Advisory Group provides feedback to Whisler staff about health and wellness issues on campus. Students in SWAG participate in organized dialogues about Whisler services (Health, Counseling, Alcohol, Drug, and Health Education), community wide wellness initiatives, new and existing programs, and emerging health issues.

Students, please complete the following form to record service hours earned through departments or organizations outside of DCA committees or events.