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By way of this video from students on campus and a written message from President Weinberg, Denison extends congratulations and a warm welcome to those who have been granted acceptance to the great Class of 2018.

Your acceptance letter came in the mail! This is an impressive accomplishment, and we're sure you and your family are very proud. Here’s a short video made by first-year student Hunter Janness and the Office of Admissions to say welcome, congratulations, and we can't wait to see you on campus!

See the full series of short videos produced by Hunter Janness and the Office of Admissions, showing Denison's student perspective:

And since we know you now have a big decision to make, here's a message from President Adam Weinberg to help you with that:

Dear Prospective Denisonian,

Congratulations! You are among an elite group of students who have been offered admittance to the Denison University Class of 2018.

During my first year as president here, I have been struck by how much our students care about Denison and how valuable their experience is on the hill. Denison students develop the skills, values, and habits that prepare them exceptionally well for lives of personal and professional success. That is what happens here: students arrive with great potential, and they learn how to realize that potential.

It starts with world-class professors who are focused on our students. Small class sizes allow our faculty to engage students in profound ways. Professors also spend countless hours with students in offices, laboratories, stages, community projects, and off-campus excursions. Not only does this extend the learning, it creates mentoring relationships that form the core of the Denison experience. At this college, faculty members care about our students, treating each as an individual and in ways that bring out their very best.

Our students also learn from one another. Denison students are smart, talented, and diverse in every conceivable way, from race and ethnicity to religious and political orientation, and our campus is filled with passionate athletes, artists, scientists, community-builders and entrepreneurs, making the campus relevant and dynamic. They care about each other, and it shows. We are a true community, and that allows our students to feel comfortable pushing themselves, inside and outside the classroom, to pursue their goals and develop new passions.

Denison is a national leader on affordability. For most families, financial considerations are increasingly important in the decision-making process. I am proud that generations of alumni have helped Denison to build a strong endowment and Annual Fund, and that our college invests in its students. About 96 percent of our students are receiving some sort of need- or merit-based aid, and Denison stands out as a best value and a national leader in keeping debt low. In fact, both Kiplinger and Forbes recently have recognized Denison as a national leader in affordability, accessibility, and high return on investment.

Career opportunities are critical. Denison is already a leader in effective career services, and now we are focused on deepening our career exploration initiatives in three distinct ways: 1) Using the academic year to help our students develop the liberal arts skills that employers increasingly need and want; 2) Creating better use of Winter Break and the summer months for internships, externships and seminars that focus on specific professions and skills; and 3) Supporting our students in their first five years post-graduation as they make the transition from college into the professions.

Our just announced partnerships with Koru (, led by global entrepreneurs and 13 of the nation's best colleges; and Summer on the Cuyahoga (, an intensive program in professional and civic opportunities for students from an elite group of colleges, are just two examples of Denison's new and highly effective initiatives. During your time at Denison, we will be adding many more.

Campus life is interesting, engaging, and challenging. Denison's campus environment is welcoming and never boring with students participating in a wide range of activities across the arts, athletics, community building, and entrepreneurship. This is a real community in every sense of the word. Through their involvements, students not only practice their liberal arts skills, they develop friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Denison is on the move. You will be joining the college at a very exciting moment in our history. Energy is everywhere on campus. This fall, we will launch a new, forward-thinking writing program to ensure that every student graduates with excellent communication skills. We also will roll out Denison Seminars, which have been created to cross boundaries of all sorts. For example: one course will explore cities that have been split between two countries. As part of the course, students will spend time in Germany and Sicily. Another course, titled Shakespeare and the Sword, will be team-taught by an English professor (a former Olympic fencer) and a theater professor.

And finally, you only get to do college once. I believe deeply in who we are and what we do at Denison. This college provides a fantastic four-year experience that launches students into a lifetime of personal and professional success.

This is an amazing community. I hope to see you on campus with the rest of the Class of 2018 for orientation just before the fall semester gets underway!


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Adam S. Weinberg

    By way of this video from students on campus and a written message from President Weinberg, Denison extends congratulations and a warm welcome to those who have been granted acceptance to the great Class of 2018.