DenisonBlogs is a blog service hosted by Denison and powered by WordPress. WordPress, an open-source system, is one of the most popular web publishing platforms in the world. It's incredibly user-friendly and takes very little time to learn.

Offices, departments, and other official campus entities should not create blogs on, Blogger, or other commercial web platforms. Campus blogs should be set up on Denison's blogging platform.

What kinds of blogs can be requested?

  • Faculty Blogs (e.g. Professor Smith's Musings on Geology)
  • Staff Blogs (e.g. From the Director's Desk)
  • Academic Class Blogs (e.g. Biology 101 Class Blog) *

* The DenisonBlogs service complements, but does not replace, the existing Blackboard blog service. For academic classes seeking higher visibility with external audiences or advanced blogging capabilities, DenisonBlogs may be preferable, but, for current users of Blackboard, there is no requirement to move to this new platform.

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