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Sexual Misconduct

Our Code of Student Conduct

Our Code of Student Conduct reads that “Sexual assaults and other sexual misconduct have a profound impact on both assault survivors and our community. Our community expects that students who choose to engage in sexual activity do so safely, appropriately, and in a manner that does not violate the law. Students who attempt or engage in sexual activity must have effective consent from the other person.

Violations may vary in severity and consist of a range of behavior, including but not limited to: non-consensual sexual touching, non-consensual sexual intercourse, and/or forced sexual intercourse. Allegations of sexual misconduct are subject to the Policy on Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Misconduct, which also outlines the University's definitions of consent, sexual misconduct, and sexual assault.

The PDF version of the Policy on Sexual Assault above is the most current version of Denison's policy and shall supersede any other version or language referenced or available on Denison University's website. Any questions about the most current version of this sexual assault policy should be directed to the Office of Student Conduct & Campus Values.