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Additional Denison Email Address Format For Faculty & Staff

Additional Denison E-mail Address Format For Faculty/Staff

In addition to your “BigRedID@denison.edu” email address, you now have another Denison email address that may be easier for others to remember and use!

This new email address is “firstname.lastname@denison.edu” and is referred to as your “long form” email address.

Examples include: lisa.bazley@denison.edu, lynnette.jones@denison.edu, and ann.marie.mcintyre@denison.edu.

  • Your current “BigRedID@denison.edu” email address will continue to work and is referred to as your “default” email address.
  • All email sent to both of these email addresses is directed to your current e-mail account which you sign into with your BigRedID and password.
  • As you type a faculty/staff member’s name in the To: field in Denison Apps, you will see that both default and long form email addresses are listed. You can send to either email address.
  • Emails that you send will continue to come from “BigRedID@denison.edu” unless you adjust your settings in Denison Apps to add the ability to send from your long form email address.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk at 740-587-6395 or helpdesk@denison.edu.

Posted Date: 
July 17, 2013