Visitor Presentations

On Campus

Visitors using presentation machines or their own computers have three methods of authentication to the network. If the guest is giving a presentation, the rooms that are to be used must be scheduled with Conference Services and Information Technology Services must been notified by Conference Services of any computing resource needs at least three business days in advance.

Using a Campus-Owned Presentation Computer

Information Technology Services will provide Conference Services with a “Presentation Machine” username and password which will be made available to the visiting individual or group for the duration of their stay. This username and password is to be used exclusively on presentation computers, which are available in all e-Classrooms. Use the “Presentation Machine” username and password provided by Conference Services at the Novell Login prompt and select “OK.”

Using a Personally-Owned Laptop and the Campus Wireless Network

The wireless networks Denison and DU-Guest are available for guest access.  After connecting, your browser will be directed to a network registration mechanism.  This allows us to ensure that your workstation is properly protected with an endpoint security package.

For more help, contact the Help Desk at or 740-587-6395.