Award Notifications

Award Notifications

Preliminary Electronic Award Notifications

Beginning in late April, preliminary financial aid award notifications, based on cumulative hours earned and GPA achieved after the fall semester, will be emailed to currently enrolled students who have complete need-based financial aid files. Preliminary awards are reviewed in late May after grades are final to determine your final award notification.

For a detailed explanation of your financial aid, visit Types of Need-Based Aid.

Final Electronic Award Notifications

Beginning in late May, after grades have been finalized, returning students who have complete financial aid files will receive their final award notifications electronically.

Included in the email notifications will be links to:

To ensure that your financial aid awards can credit to the fall semester bill generated in July, students must have their financial aid file complete by June 15th.

If you wish to receive financial aid for an off-campus program, the Office of Financial Aid must receive your FAFSA data by April 1st. Please remember that it takes three days for our office to receive your data, so submit your FAFSA before March 28th. Additional documents must be received by April 15th.

If requested documents are not received by that deadline, you will not be eligible to receive aid from Denison to attend your program.

Prospective Students: visit Admissions Financial Aid ↪