The Open House

Center for Religious and Spiritual Life

Front of the open house

The Open House

Are you interested in diving deeper into your spirituality at Denison?

The Open House interiorDo you want to converse with others and learn from different faiths & perspectives? Opportunities to observe, practice and engage are here for you!

Denison students come from many different perspectives, traditions, and backgrounds. We celebrate them and offer opportunities to observe them. Whether you are religious, spiritual, or consider yourself to be neither, we are excited about all that you bring to our campus, including your questions, doubts, and dreams.

We welcome you to visit our new location: The Open House — Center for Religious and Spiritual Life, located on the Fine Arts Quad of lower campus at 204 N. Mulberry Street.

The Open House interiorCome sit in our wireless Sacred Grounds Café, indulge in some complimentary fairly trade coffee or tea, and say “Hello” to everyone on our staff!

Student Staff

The Open House Staff

Our student staff plays an essential role in day-to-day operations at The Open House. Members of our team assist with a wide variety of responsibilities…ranging from designing program fliers to baking cookies! Our team looks forward to seeing you often down at The Open House!