Finals Week Message to Students
December 15, 2013

With finals week around the corner, President Adam Weinberg shares a few words of encouragement with students along with his congratulations and gratitude, as he looks back on a great first semester at Denison.

Dear Students,

Good luck with finals this week.

Congratulations on a wonderful semester. I want to thank you for following a longstanding Denison tradition of stepping up and contributing to our community. You did it as students, athletes, artists, community builders, and in a plethora of other ways. In ways large and small, you pushed yourselves and others to contribute to, take ownership of, and feel pride in Denison.

I also want to thank you for helping me transition into Denison. I enjoyed watching you pursue your passions (and sometimes participating with you– thank you Burpee's Seedy). And I learned from listening to what you love about Denison and what you believe we need to change and/or improve.

Mostly, I want to tell you that I end my first semester inspired by Denison, impressed with you, and excited by all that we can accomplish together. A residential liberal arts college is a unique and special place. When it works well, it gives talented and committed students an opportunity to have a fantastic four-year experience that leads to a meaningful and successful life that contributes to the world. Denison has always done that well. You are continuing that tradition at its finest.

Have a great semester break,

President Adam Weinberg

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