Pre-O: Meet the Staff

International Pre-Orientation


Rhea PatilRhea Patil

E-mail: Major(s): Communication and Anthropology/Sociology Home Country & City: Mumbai, India Language Skills: English, Hindi, Marathi

Fumika MiyamotoFumika Miyamoto

E-mail: Major(s): International studies/ Environmental studies Minor(s): Economics Home Country & City: Nagasaki, Japan Language Skills: Japanese, English, a little Chinese and Thai

Lan LeLan Le

E-mail: Major(s): Computer Science & Communication Home Country & City: Vietnam Language Skills: Vietnamese and English

Dingxi LuDingxi Lu

E-mail: Major(s): English Writing, Philosophy Home Country & City: Guangzhou, China Language Skills: Mandarin, English, Cantonese


Moe Kya ThuMoe Kya Thu (Moe)

E-mail: Major(s): International Studies Minor(s): History Home Country & City: Yangon, Myanmar/Burma Language Skills: Burmese (native), English (struggling to be proficient)

Vatsal JhawarVatsal Jhawar

E-mail: Major(s): Economics & Global Commerce Minor(s): Math Home Country & City: Kolkata, India Language Skills: English, Hindi, and Bengali

Grace RooneyGrace Rooney

E-mail: Major(s): International Studies Minor(s): French Home Country & City: Klamath Falls, Oregon USA Language Skills: English, Spanish, studying French

Sruthi ViswanathanSruthi Viswanathan

E-mail: Major(s): Biology Minor(s): Psychology and Neuroscience Home Country & City: Chennai, India Language Skills: Tamil, English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Tianyue LiTianyue Li

E-mail: Major(s): Communication Home Country & City: Xi'an, China Language Skills: Mandarin, English, French

Christien KellyChristien Kelly

E-mail: Major(s): Data Analytics Minor(s): Psychology & French Home Country & City: Toronto, Canada Language Skills: English, French

Danish SiddiquieDanish Siddiquie

E-mail: Major(s): Mathematics/Data Analytics & pre-engineering Home Country & City: Vadodara, India Language Skills: English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati. Took German for 6 years, but still can't speak.

Tianyi ZhangTianyi Zhang

E-mail: Major(s): Psychology Minor(s): Art History Home Country & City: Jiangyin, China Language Skills: Chinese, English

Anlin LuAnlin Lu

E-mail: Major(s): Biochemistry Home Country & City: Xiamen, China Language Skills: English, Chinese

Takaharu HiguchiTakaharu Higuchi

E-mail: Major(s): Health, Exercise & Sports Studies Minor(s): Haven’t decided yet Home Country & City: Osaka, Japan/ Colombo, Sri Lanka Language Skills: English & Japanese, maybe a little bit of Sinhalese.

Eizo Lang-EzekielEizo Lang-Ezekiel

E-mail: Major(s): International Studies & Political Science Home Country & City: Toulouse, France Language Skills: French, English, advanced Spanish

Jing SunJing Sun

E-mail: Major(s): Math & Chemistry Home Country & City: Beijing, China Language Skills: English, Chinese

Minh Huyen NguyenMinh Huyen Nguyen

E-mail: Major(s): Biochemistry, Data Analytics Home Country & City: Hanoi, Vietnam Language Skills: English and Vietnamese