June-O: Meet the Staff

June Orientation Program

Lauren Tyger '14Lauren Tyger ’14

Student Staff Coordinator

Welcome to Denison! I am so excited you have decided to join our collegiate family and get to experience a place that means so much to so many. As a graduating senior, I feel bittersweet about leaving this place that I’ve called home for the past four years, but feel that Denison has prepared me for life after college. Denison’s unique learning environment has allowed me to grow as a student, leader and individual, not only in the classroom, but in many aspects of campus life. College is a time for change, but it is also a time for growth. Take advantage of every day you have on the hill and make an effort to get to know your professors and your peers. Denison is an institution that prides itself in its diversity, so make sure to embrace difference during your time here and put yourself outside your comfort zone, no matter how challenging that may be. Enjoy this!

Aisha Barry ’15Aisha Barry ’15

I am originally from Senegal, West Africa but I attended High school in Boston, MA. I choose Denison because of its location and the many resources available for students. I am currently a Resident Assistant, a student ambassador, a Women's & Gender Studies Fellow and the president of the Muslim Students Association. My favorite Denison experience is meeting the new students during the fall. Finally, I applied to be a June O Leader because I wanted to be a part of dedicated group of student leaders who will introduce new students to the many resources and opportunities available for them to be academically and socially successful at Denison.

Anna Teye ’16Anna Teye ’16

I am from Accra, Ghana and I initially chose to come to Denison because I had heard that it was a great place for international students. I am a Resident Assistant in East Hall, the secretary of the African Student Association, a member of the Tehillah Gospel A cappella Singers, and have been involved in numerous multi-cultural events such as the Culture Jam. I am a Women's & Gender Studies major and a Communication minor. My favorite Denison experience so far was being a part of the Talent Show and Fashion Show for Culture Jam week because it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me skills I never knew I had. I applied for June-O because it is a great way to make personal connections with in-coming Freshman, and I also enjoy having great conversations with Freshman parents to help ease their anxiety and reassure them that they made a good choice with Denison.

Emma Bosley-Smith ’15Emma Bosley-Smith ’15

Hey everyone! I'm from Maumee (which is outside of Toledo, Ohio). I'm a Sociology / Anthropology and Women's & Gender Studies double major and I am involved in Leadership Fellows, the Campus Leadership and Involvement Center, as well as service-related organizations on campus. My favorite Denison memory so far has been my experiences with the Denison Service Orientation, which is a first-year orientation program that goes to Washington D.C. the week before August Orientation. I applied to be a June-O leader to meet some wonderful incoming first years and to help them feel as comfortable as possible entering their first year at Denison!

Haley Jones ’17Haley Jones ’17

I am a rising sophomore from Portland, Oregon. As a high school senior, I participated in the Reynolds Young Writers Workshop, where I was I was taught by DU professors, and got a feel for what a Denison class might be like. Later, when I did my overnight, I was overwhelmed by the energetic and passionate vibes from students. These are a few factors that informed my decision to come to Denison. I applied to be a June-O leader, because I want ensure that every First-Year has an opportunity to take ownership of their new home, and feels comfortable sharing their unique perspective with our community.

Hannah Brown ’15Hannah Brown ’15

I am from Dayton, Ohio. I chose Denison because it was the only school in Ohio that made me feel like I wasn't in the Mid-West anymore :). I am the Vice President of my sorority, I am co-captain of the dance team, I have three jobs on campus at Mitchell, I am part of the honor societies Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, and Rho Lambda. I am also a TA for the biology department and a member of the Pre-medicine club on campus. I am Biology major. My favorite experience at Denison has been my return from abroad and how welcoming everyone was and how comfortable I became as soon as I stepped back on to campus. I chose to be a June O leader in order to provide the support and guidance that I received during my experience, to someone else. I want to give back to a place that has given me so much.

Jaime Zito ’14Jaime Zito ’14

Hi all! I am from Phoenix, Arizona. On campus, I was an RA, president of UPC and an intern at The Open House. I am a religion major and a chemistry and studio art double minor. My favorite Denison experience so far has been getting to plan and attend the Inaugural Ball . There is a long answer for why I wanted to be a June O leader, but the short version is that I want to make sure incoming freshman don't waste a single minute of their four short years on the hill!

Jake Dennie ’17Jake Dennie ’17

Hey! I'm a freshman Economics major-Political Science/Computer Science double minor from Indianapolis, IN. I run Cross Country and Track, and am involved in Denison Venture Philanthropy (I've been involved with GreenTeam, DCA, and The Denisonian in the past). My favorite experience so far at Denison was becoming a member of Beta Theta Pi. I came to Denison for the Cross Country team, academics, and campus, and chose to lead June-O because I want everyone to have a community at Denison from the start.

Josh Goldman ’14Josh Goldman ’14

A Cincinnati, Ohio native, I graduated this past May with a degree in Education and a minor in "everything else" (note: this is not an "official minor"). On campus I participated in student government, Residential Education, and a variety of service groups, including Denison Venture Philanthropy. Perhaps most importantly, I am proud of the caring friendships I have developed over my years here with some fantastic people. Excited to hear your passions / quirks / fears / questions / values, I look forward to helping you get set up for a great first year as a Denisonian.

Kai Kyles ’15Kai Kyles ’15

I am from Shaker Heights, Ohio via Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. I chose Denison because I felt most comfortable and able to pursue any and every dream I had. I am a Environmental Studies Major and Sociology/Anthropology minor and currently apart of the Denisonians for Social Change Program on campus. I don't have just one favorite Denison experience/ memory, instead I have a collection of experiences that overtime have been individually unique and collectively AMAZING! I applied to be a June O leader again after serving as leader in the summer of 2012 because June O was one of the most exhilarating and transformative experiences in my life thus far.

Megan McCormickMegan McCormick

Hi! I'm a rising senior majoring in Communication. I grew up in Hinsdale, Illinois but now I live in the city of Chicago...it's the best! I chose Denison because the Communication department is incredible and my admissions counselor gave me the most individualized help and support, which I now know is a characteristic of all of Denison's faculty and staff. One of my favorite Denison memories was D-Day last fall. Some 2013 graduates came back for the weekend and it was such a blast seeing Matt & Kim with all of my closest friends! I'm involved in the Leadership Fellows, the music community, and I'm a Senior Interviewer for the admissions office. I applied to be a June-O leader because I was so lucky to have met older students when I first arrived on campus who ended up being integral to my experience here. Like those students were for me, I hope to be a friend and a resource to the members of the Class of 2018.

Moriah Ellenbogen ’14Moriah Ellenbogen ’14

I’m a philosophy major, psychology minor from Olney, MD. I chose Denison because of its size (especially the student-faculty ratio), its scenic campus, and the wide range of opportunities for campus involvement. I’m involved in Episteme, the philosophy reading group, philosophy coffees, Hillel, DCA girl scouts, and the Humane Society. My favorite experience at Denison has been the senior philosophy symposium—especially the post-symposium dinner! I applied to be a June O leader because, as a graduating senior, I think that I can help encourage incoming students to take full advantage of their Denison careers… also I’m looking for virtually any reason not to have to leave.

Natalie Lugg ’14Natalie Lugg ’14

I am from Woodbury, Minnesota and I chose Denison for its warm community and atmosphere. I am on the Women's Swim and Dive Team and I majoring in economics with a minor in history. My favorite Denison experience has been forming such close relationships with the professors on campus. I applied to be a June O leader because it is similar to what I would like to do or involve myself in when I graduate.

Noah Dixon ’14Noah Dixon ’14

Denison is filled with passionate people. The students, faculty and administration all care so much about the school, the community and cultivating a meaningful and memorable college experience. I am extremely proud to be a Denisonian and will never forget the relationships I made on the hill.

Nick Ingram ’15Nick Ingram ’15

I am a rising senior political science major from Fairview, Pennsylvania. Denison first interested me because of its strong academic reputation and alumni connections, but what sealed the deal were the people I met. On campus, I am the Station Coordinator and a DJ for 91.1 FM WDUB, Denison's radio station; a singer in Denison's all-male a capella group, The Denison Hilltoppers; and Vice President of Denison's chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society. (Feel free to contact me about any of these activities!) One of my favorite Denison experiences has been singing with the Hilltoppers, because I have grown really close to the guys and have developed a skill I had not known I had: singing. I applied to be a June-O leader again because I thoroughly enjoyed working with the June-O staff and meeting bright, promising incoming first-year students last year.

Pushkal Mehrish ’15Pushkal Mehrish ’15

I am from Bangalore, India. I am a junior on campus and if there's a piece of advice that I could give you, it is to recognize that college is probably the single most amazing collective experience you will ever have, so make sure not to just sit back and watch it pass you. Be proactive, time flies and trust me when the last day of your freshman year comes by you'll wonder where the year went. Try everything you're interested in, don't be afraid to get involved and don't be afraid to make friends outside your social circle...you might be surprised with what you find. Most importantly be responsible but HAVE FUN!

Roger Phelps ’16Roger Phelps ’16

Hello there!!! I am a Sophomore Communication Major, Political Science Minor from a Cincinnati, Ohio. Denison was an easy choice for me, not only because I am a third generation student, but also because I was attracted to the spirit of community here on campus. Currently, I am a DJ on our nationally ranked college radio station 91.1 WDUB The Doobie and also serve as the PR Director on its Exec Board. I am on the Club Soccer team as well as the Club Tennis team. I am also an active member in my fraternity, Beta Theta Pi. Finally, I am a Communication tutor and a recently initiated Communication Fellow. While I have many fond experiences/memories at Denison thus far, one of my absolute favorite experiences was my last day of school Freshman year where my friends and I watched the sunrise from Sugarloaf Park. It was one of the most serene and beautiful moments. I applied to be a June O leader because I love being one of the initial positive influences for First Year Students as June O is the first step in their Denison experience. I believe that the June O staff can play a huge role in helping make First Year Students’ time here at Denison phenomenal.

International Student Advisors

Sunder Willett ’15Sunder Willett ’15

Hey, I am a Junior History Major from Georgetown, Kentucky and I wanted to be a June-O leader because Denison has given me so many opportunities and blessings and it is only right that I try to give something back to our college. I really enjoy working with First-Year Students because, based on my own experiences, who you meet and interact in that first year is crucially important and I want to help incoming students have as smooth of a transition as possible. My time here has caused me to appreciate the important of service and personal reflection and being a June-O leader gives me the opportunity to serve the class of 2018 while reflecting on why I love Denison!

Frances Osei-Bonsu ’15Frances Osei-Bonsu ’15

Hi Class of 2018!! I am from Accra, Ghana. I chose Denison because of how personable and friendly the students and the faculty and staff members were when I came for a visit. I also really loved the beautiful campus and I just felt right at home here! I am the treasurer of the African Student Association, a Resident Assistant for Shorney (3rd floor), and a tutor in both my major and minor, Economics and Mathematics. My favorite Denison memory is actually just staying up late, and talking with friends! I applied to be a June O leader because I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get to know future Denisonians and facilitate their transition into college life. Look forward to meeting you all!