June Orientation Program

June-O Staff
June-O Staff

June-O is an optional but highly recommended orientation program for students who are new to the college experience.

June Orientation focuses on the academic preparation and course pre-registration of the entering class. While the program officially kicks off at noon on Day 1, students are encouraged, if possible, to arrive between 10am and noon to check into their room, have their picture taken for their ID, and attend the Information Fair. The program will conclude on Day 2 at noon after students have registered for their fall classes. Students and their families are welcome to stay for lunch at the Dining Hall on the second day. Please note that there is no scheduled program during the Day 2 lunch. A June-O schedule will be mailed the first week in May to students who have registered to attend. This schedule will also be posted on this website.

Please do not register for June Orientation if you are transferring to Denison, as it is specifically designed for new students.

Register now for the 2016 June Orientation program!

If you've already registered for the June Orientation program, Denison will provide transportation to students and accompanying family members ONLY when we know that participants are scheduled to arrive—so it is vital that you provide your travel information to us in advance.

June-O 2016 Sessions

  • Session 1:  June 6-7 (Monday, Tuesday)
  • Session 2:  June 9-10 (Thursday, Friday)
  • Session 3:  June 11-12 (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Session 4:  June 14-15 (Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Session 5:  June 17-18 (Friday, Saturday)

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