Sustainable Farming

What is Sustainable Farming Orientation?
Denison Sustainable Farming Orientation

Denison Sustainable Farming Orientation offers an opportunity to work on projects such as harvesting, preserving (canning, drying, freezing), repairing and building trails, and managing farm animals, and forming bonds and friendships.

The Denison Sustainable Farming Orientation offers an opportunity for up to 18 members of the Class of 2018 and 3 to 5 faculty/staff leaders to practice sustainable farming by living and working on the The Flying J Farm, a sustainable farm located 20 minutes from Denison. The purpose of this program is to provide students with a unique, challenging, and enjoyable transition to life at Denison by forming bonds and friendships with other entering first-years, while working on the farm.

Students will spend four nights and five days camping in tents on the farm and cooking their own meals using ingredients from the farm. Activities may also include s’mores around the bonfire, trips to other sustainable farms in the area, and a trip to the Northstar CafĂ©.

Join Denison Sustainable Farming Orientation this fall! Please complete the application and send it in by June 2, 2014.

Safety & Experience

Prior experience on a farm is not necessary. Anyone with a moderate level of fitness and an interest in trying something new is encouraged to apply.

To maintain the quality of this small group experience and to minimize the risks, we ask that you abide by the following policies: non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are not permitted on the trip. In addition please do not bring MP3 players, portable radios, or cell phones.

The Schedule

Arriving at Denison on Monday, August 18th, you will move into your dorm room and get to know the other trip participants. Later that day you will depart for the Flying J Farm located about 20 minutes from campus.

You will return to campus on Friday, August 22nd; August Orientation will begin on Sunday, August 24th.

What equipment do I need?

Having all of your own camping equipment is not necessary. If you want to bring your own sleeping bag you may, but the university will provide necessary equipment not brought by students. A list will be posted on line closer to the departure date.

You should bring:

  • Good work shoes
  • Work gloves
  • Rain gear
  • A flashlight


The cost of DSFO is $250. Pell Grant recipients who wish to participate may have their fees waived.

Additional Details

Housing, meals, and storage for your personal possessions will be provided upon your arrival on campus. Athletes in some fall sports might not be able to participate in DSFO because of early practices. Check with your coach. For more information, contact the First Year Office.