Denison Experience in Urban Culture & Expression

Denison Experience in Urban Culture and Expression (DEUCE) explores the vibrant urban arts culture that only a big city can generate.

Denison Experience Urban Culture and Expression (DEUCE) is a 5-day trip where a group of first years (24 max) travel to Philadelphia with 3 staff leaders and 2-3 student leaders. While in Philadelphia, participants work with local artists in 2-3 hour workshops. Some examples of these workshops are: self-portrait printmaking, clay handbuilding, African dance and drumming, performing in a theatrical setting, performing in an artistic setting, and so forth (it is important to note that some workshops change per year). Some time is also spent touring museums, murals in the city, or other unique locations.

DEUCE participants will also stay in a hotel! During free time, swimming is optional and people usually play games and hang out in rooms. The staff also tries to find a range of cuisine – Thai, Mexican, Indian, Italian, and Philly Cheesesteak of course! If you have no artistic inclinations, food and housing should be reason enough to select DEUCE!

The focus of DEUCE is to facilitate a smooth transition to college while being immersed in an urban setting. DEUCE is not just for art/theatre/music kids – anyone can receive a great experience from this pre-orientation with the right mindset. We cannot stress this enough, but no previous experience in the arts is necessary! The art made while on DEUCE will hopefully last all four years of your Denison career, but the friendships will last a lifetime.

Join DEUCE this fall! Please complete the application. The deadline is June 2, 2014.

Who Should Apply?

  • Students who are energized by the energy of city-life.
  • Students who are into art, or dance, or music, or theater - classical or the cutting edge.
  • Students who are interested in multicultural experiences.
  • Students who think about how the arts capture our experience, and change it.
  • Students who are interested in getting to know other students who share these same interests.


The cost of the DEUCE is $300. Pell Grant recipients who are accepted in the program may have their fees waived.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Any special supplies that we'll need for the trip will be provided. Participants will be sent a packing list during the summer, which will include basic travel items.  Most meals are included, but we ask that you bring an extra $40 to help cover the cost of your meals.