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About the Museum

Our Mission
Denison Museum

As a teaching museum, Denison Museum engages in and supports learning and inquiry in the liberal arts. Cultural heritage materials, both borrowed and drawn from the University’s permanent collection serve as significant components in the University’s academic curriculum and form the basis of exhibitions and programs. Denison Museum is committed to caring for and managing its collection and resources for the benefit of a diverse audience that extends beyond students and faculty to include visitors and learners from around the world.

Our Vision

Denison Museum is committed to the transformative power of liberal arts learning. The Museum strives to provide inclusive and interdisciplinary museum- based learning experiences that reach all students and strengthen community engagement.

Denison Museum aspires to practices that:

  • cultivate cooperation and collaboration within the Denison academic community
  • strengthen connections between social diversity and participatory democracy

  • inspire individuals to be discerning moral agents and active citizens of a democratic society

Denison Museum aspires to leadership in the academic museums community by:

  • engaging in ongoing self-assessment and development
  • pursuing excellence in museological practices

  • acting in the public trust as faithful stewards of the University’s cultural heritage collections

Denison Museum is committed to the core values of:

  • integrity and social responsibility
  • academic and intellectual freedom

  • creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • public service

  • environmentally sustainable practices