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SophomorExplore Seminar

CE&D is excited to invite sophomores to SophomorExplore, an interactive six-week seminar focusing on topics such as choosing a major, self-assessment, networking, campus resources, experiential education, goal setting, and more!


The benefits of SophomorExplore include the following:

  • Develop a Career Plan
    Students will be able to articulate the overall career exploration and development process and what they should accomplish during their remaining years to prepare for life after Denison
  • Select/Reaffirm Major
    Students can apply what they have learned about their relevant skills, interests and values to inform their choice of major(s) and minor(s)
  • Explore Career Path Options
    Students will know what resources exist for identifying and exploring various career paths and how to appropriately utilize those resources
  • Leverage the Denison Network
    Students will be able to locate and leverage the resources meant to help connect them with the powerful Denison network, and they will know how to properly network with relevant contacts
  • Build a Resume
    Students will have developed a strong foundational resume that aligns with the expectations of Denison's alumni and employers
  • Find Externship and Internships
    Students will know where to find and how to pursue valuable experiential learning opportunities through the ExternsEverywhere program and Denison Internship Program

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Previous Participant Quotes
“I’ve developed a better sense of what I might want to pursue in the future, and I’ve also learned about a number of potential career options I might be interested in that I never considered before.”

I’ve learned that my skill set is unique and valuable, and I can choose an academic path as well as a career path that will make me happy.”

Posted Date 
July 17, 2013