The ExternsEverywhere program connects students with alumni and friends of Denison for job-shadow experiences (aka. Externships). These externships help students choose their career path by providing invaluable insight into the “real world”.

Students are able to network with and shadow successful professionals at reputable companies, in highly-desirable cities, and within many industries including; sales, finance, legal, marketing, public relations, medical, consulting, non-profit, fine arts, education and many more.

Program features include the following:

  • Pre-Program Training that includes tips on maximizing your externship experience, dressing and acting professional and networking strategies.
  • Externship Experience for one/two days during Winter Break where students will be  able to visit a career professional to gain a deeper understanding of an area of interest. 
  • End-of-Program Reflection session where students meet to discuss experiences and how they affect the next steps of career planning.

Learn how you can participate in the program:



ExternsEverywhere Timeline

Student Feedback on ExternsEverywhere

Student Feedback on ExternsEverywhere
Post-Externship Statement Agreement
Better general understanding of an industry and/or organization 100%
Better understanding of the potential career paths within an industry/organization 100%
Better understanding of internships and job opportunities within an industry/organization 96.8%
New professional connections with alumni or other relevant professionals 96.8%


Student Quotes

'I learned a lot about Google, as well as job opportunities, interview techniques, how to job search, how to present yourself to employers and all around just what to do after graduation. It also helped that a lot of the advice was from Denison alumni too.- Google - Ann Arbor, MI

I got to see quite a few surgeries and was able to get to see different kinds of surgeries which helped me a lot in looking at what type of surgeon I want to be. - Ohio State University, Plastic Surgery - Columbus, OH

My externship experience really increased my knowledge of what it looks like to work for a non-profit environmental advocacy organization.- Ohio Environmental Council - Columbus, OH

I learned a lot about Edelman and how a Public Relations agency functions. I also made great relationships with the people who I was able to shadow; they gave me advice on landing a job.- Edelman - New York, NY

I was able to observe the financial sector (institutional bonds) and the complexities and intricacies that go along with the field of work.- Stifel Nicolaus & Company, Minneapolis, MN

I learned so much about the finance world and it reaffirmed my interests.- Optima Fund Management - New York, NY