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Externs Everywhere

The ExternsEverywhere program connects students with alumni and friends of Denison for job-shadow experiences (aka. Externships). These externships help students choose their career path by providing invaluable insight into the “real world”.

Students are able to network with and shadow successful professionals at reputable companies, in highly-desirable cities, and within many industries including; sales, finance, legal, marketing, public relations, medical, consulting, non-profit, fine arts, education and many more.

To post an Externship

Create an externship description and post on your Handshake account:

Why Offer an Externship?

  • Support the career development of Denison students
  • Promote your organization to potential future interns and full-time employees
  • Low investment in time and resources for a meaningful connection with students

Help Us Find More Externship Hosts

If you are interested in helping grow the externship program, but you personally are not able to host a student, you can either…

  • Connect with CE&D to someone within your organization who can offer an externship.
  • Connect CE&D to other alumni you know in your city who may be able to offer and externship.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the Externship program, please contact Zach Pavol.