Host an Externship

Host an Externship

Externships give Denison students the ability to “try-on” many different careers through one-day “shadowing” opportunities.

How will we know what the future looks like until we get there? That’s a question that many have tried to answer but with little success. Denison’s ExternsEverywhere program offers one clear solution by offering externships that give our students real insight into the “real worlds” of their future careers.

Through ExternsEverywhere, students who connect with alumni and friends of the college create opportunities to network and shadow successful professionals at reputable companies. Students visit highly desirable cities and explore many industries including; sales, finance, legal, marketing, public relations, medical, consulting, non-profit, fine arts, education and much more.

ExternsEverywhere provides:

  1. Pre-Program Training that includes tips on maximizing your externship experience, dressing and acting as a professional, and networking strategies.
  2. Externship Experiences for one to two days during winter break when students will be able to visit a career professional to gain a deeper understanding of an area of interest.
  3. End-of-Program Reflection sessions in which students meet to discuss experiences and how they affect the next steps of career planning.