Locating Materials

General Floor Plan

Each floor of the library is divided into three sections:

  • A - toward the front of the building; elevator access located here
  • B - between two main stairwells (which go from 1st to 6th tier on north and south sides)
  • C - toward the rear of the building, the section closest to West Wing study area

Location by Material Type

Archives Ask at Circulation Desk
Government Documents 3rd Floor (Main floor)
Honors Projects Ask at Circulation Desk
Microforms 1st Floor
Periodicals 2nd Floor
Reference Books 3rd Floor (Main Floor)
Sound Recordings Ask at Circulation Desk
Videos 2nd Floor

Location of Books by Call Number

Call numbers: Floor #:
A - F 6
G - N 5
M (musical scores) Presidents Room (3rd Floor)
ML Music Reading Room (5th Floor)
Oversized N Fine Arts Reading Room (5th Floor)
P 4
Q - Z 1

Location of Oversized Books

Call numbers: Floor #:
A - F 6 A/B
G - M (except scores) 5 A/B
N Fine Arts Reading Room (5th Floor)
P 4 A/B
Q - Z 1B

Location of Items by Floor

1st Floor Section A: Q - QE 645

Section B: QE 651 - R 489

Section C: R 505 - Z
2nd Floor Atrium Current Periodicals, alpabetized by title

Bound/Single Issue Periodicals


2nd Floor Stacks Back issues of Periodicals in call number order

begin in Atrium & continue into stacks area
3rd Floor (Main Floor) Services:
Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Reference,

Reserves,Library Offices

Presidents' Room (Musical Scores)

Section A: Audio Collection

(ask at Circulation Desk)

Sections B, C: Government Documents
4th Floor Section A: P - PN 4121

Section B: PN 4129 - PR 3533

Section C: PR 3534 - PZ
5th Floor Section A: G - HC 502

Section B: HC 503 - HQ 1870

Section C: HQ 1904 - N

Music Reading Room: ML 1 - ML 3655

Fine Arts Reading Room: Oversized (folio) N
6th Floor Section A: A - BL 2530

Section B: BL 2532 - DC 271

Section C: DC 272 - F