University Archives


Our mission is to collect and preserve the historical records of Denison University. The Denison University Archives collects materials in accordance with the Archives Collection Policy. Although these materials do not circulate, the collection may be used by students and other researchers in the Reading Room on the 7th floor of the library.

Researchers are urged to contact the University Archivist, prior to visiting the archives, Sasha Griffin.

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Collection Highlights

The following “Collection Highlights” from the Denison Archives are arranged chronologically by author and by subject. They represent only a small portion of the full Archival collection.

Historical Records

Records in the archives include paper documents, photographs, audiotapes, films, videotapes, scrapbooks, and objects that provide information about the following aspects of Denison University life from the past and present:

  • academic programs
  • activities
  • administrators
  • alumni
  • buildings and grounds
  • development
  • faculty
  • student life

Records and papers of continuing administrative and/or historical value include:

  • committee files
  • correspondence
  • financial records
  • meeting minutes
  • official publications
  • photographs
  • record books
  • and other materials

In addition, papers from the following groups supplement the official records:

  • administrators
  • alumni
  • faculty members
  • student organizations
  • student publications
  • trustees


Denisonia Collection

The Library's Denisonia Collection also contains:

  • books by Denison authors
  • publications about Denison University
  • publications of Denison University
  • student honors projects