Special Collections


Special Collections are books and other items that have been donated to Denison by alumni and friends of the college. The Denison University Archive collects materials in accordance with the Special Collections Policy. Books in the collection are cataloged in CONSORT, but may only be used in the library. They include:

  • A general collection of rare, very old, and/or fragile books.
  • The Otto F. Ege Collection of original leaves from medieval manuscripts. Online access to these manuscripts is courtesy of Dr. Fred Porcheddu.
  • The Edgar J. Goodspeed Collection that contains books from the library of this well-known Denison alumnus and translator of the New Testament. The collection includes many early, rare editions of the Bible.
  • The William Howard Doane Collection of hymnals and books from the personal library of this industrialist, composer of gospel hymns, and Trustee and benefactor of Denison University.
  • The Gilbert Collection containing the personal science library of the famous geologist, Grove Karl Gilbert, given to Denison to replace books lost in the 1906 Barney fire. Many of these titles deal with the historical geography of North America.
  • Many publications concerning the American Baptist Church, its foreign missions, and its history. Included are Ohio Baptist Convention proceedings.
  • Works on Scottish history from the library of Wallace Hugh Cathcart, an 1890 Denison graduate who served as a librarian of the college and also as a Trustee.
  • The Percy Wiltsee Collection of limited editions. Denison alumnus and Trustee Wiltsee acquired works from the Limited Editions Club, which published a book monthly. Each book was printed in limited quantities, with fine paper and bindings.
  • The Works of George Handel, a 42 volume set published in London by Samuel Arnold, from 1787-1797.
  • Artists' books, which are unique or limited edition conceptual works in unusual formats. Each book is a work of art.
  • Books on Burma compliment the Burmese Art Collection from the Denison Museum.

Special Collection materials may be used by students and other researchers in the Reading Room on the 7th floor of the library. Researchers are urged to contact the University Archivist at 740-587-6399 prior to visiting Archives & Special Collections.

For more information, contact: Sasha Griffin.