Media Equipment

For Checkout

The following equipment is available for students, faculty, and staff for check out from the Library Circulation Desk. To ensure that equipment is available when you need it, please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

To make a reservation online:

  1. Open the Consort Web Catalog.
  2. Under Basic Search, in the Search by: field, click "Title begins with...".
  3. In the for: field, type "MTS."
  4. Click on the name of the item you wish to reserve.
  5. Click "Book an Item" and follow the on-screen instructions.
Available Equipment

*Items marked ( * ) are available for check out by faculty and staff only.
Listings up-to-date as of July 2012.

Computers, Projectors, & Accessories

Computers, Projectors, & Accessories
Media Item # Available
*Dell Laptop Kit 3
*Mac Laptop Kit 4
*iPad 6
*Computer/Projector Kit (“Roadie Kit”) 3
*LCD Projector 2
*Overhead Projector 2
*35mm Slide Projector 2
*Projection Screen 3
*Clicker Kit (30 clickers per kit) 2
Portable CD/DVD RW Drive 1

Digital Cameras, Video Camcorders, & Extras

Digital Cameras, Video Camcorders, & Extras
Media Item # Available
Canon Digital Still Camera 12
Nikon Digital SLR Camera 20
Nikon Digital SLR Camera: 50mm Lens Kit 20
Nikon Digital SLR Camera: Flash Kit 3
Nikon Professional Lens Kit 1
*Sony Video Camera Kit 2
Canon/ Panasonic Digital Video Camcorder 22
Tripod 20

Audio Recorders, Music Players, & Equipment

Audio Recorders, Music Players, & Equipment
Media Item # Available
Tascam Mini Digital Audio Recorder 20
Marantz Digital Audio Recorder 17
Eiki Audio Cassette Tape Recorder 5
Samson Lavaliere Microphone Kit 3
Audio-Technica Cardioid Condenser Microphone Kit 5
Sony Boombox 2
Record Player Turntable 1
Portable PA System 1

Clickers & Online Polling

Clickers or online polling software, such as, in combination with well-formulated questions can be used to interact with and engage larger groups of students in the classroom.

Denison has four sets of TurningPoint clickers. Two sets are assigned to Burton Morgan Lecture Hall (room 115) and are frequently used for voting during faculty meetings.

The other two sets are available to be used in our eClassrooms and are available for check out from the Library Circulation Desk. Each set has 30 clickers and one access point. Each eClassroom has the TurningPoint software already installed. Contact your Instructional Technologist for assistance.