Faculty Services

  • Reserves - Reserves assists faculty and teaching staff with providing supplementary course reading material for students.
  • Interlibrary Loans - A cooperative service among lending institutions which enables Denison students, faculty, and staff to obtain materials that are unavailable in our library, in CONSORT, or in OhioLINK. ILL is primarily used to secure copies of journal articles from journals that are not owned by Denison.
  • MLA Directory of Periodicals - This directory provides information about submissions for publication, addresses, advertising rates, and more for the 4400 periodicals indexed in the MLA's International Bibliography.
  • Library/Research Assignment Alerts - Please give the reference librarians advance notice about your students' library assignments and help to ensure that resources are available at the time your students will need them. You can access this form by visiting the Library's Document Finder.
Borrowing Privileges

Within Denison

  • Books and Government Documents may be borrowed for an entire academic year, and must be returned or renewed at the end of the academic year. A notice is sent in mid-May as a reminder to return or renew.
  • Sound Recordings are loaned for 100 days.
  • Some Denisoniana Collection books circulate to faculty for 7 days.
  • Periodicals circulate for 3 days and may not be renewed.
  • Videos circulate for one week and may be renewed once.
  • The Circulation Department will recall an item if it is needed for Course Reserves. However, if faculty need materials for personal use, they are encouraged to locate materials through CONSORT, OhioLINK, or Interlibrary Loan.
  • Newspapers, reference books, pre-1940 periodicals, as well as books from the Dixson and Gilbert Collections do not circulate. In addition, books and Government Documents in the general collection that are stamped "Does Not Circulate" may not be borrowed.
  • Books and Government Documents are loaned for 21 days with a 7 day fine-free grace period. Items may be renewed twice before they are returned.

Within OhioLINK

  • Books are loaned for 21 days, and may be renewed once before they are returned. Be sure to renew items before their due date, since they cannot be renewed once they are overdue.
  • If you need to borrow a specific book for longer period of time, request the same book from another university before the first book you borrowed must be returned!
  • Periodicals do not circulate.
  • Audio/Visual, Government Document and microform loan periods vary by university.
  • You may borrow no more than 25 items at one time through OhioLINK. This total includes holds and borrowed materials.
Information for Faculty