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About HR


The mission of the Office of Human Resources is to attract, support and retain a talented and diverse faculty and staff community dedicated to the educational mission of Denison University.

The Human Resources office is committed to providing excellence in the areas of benefits and wellness, compensation, employee relations, payroll, recruiting and hiring, performance management, training and development, and human resources planning.

The Office of Human Resources strives to be a collaborative partner in Denison’s success: where all employees are highly skilled and focused on the mission of the college; where mutual compassion, fairness, accountability, and cooperation define our relationship; and where leadership, responsibility, trust, respect, service, and civility are modeled and encouraged among faculty and staff.

Human Resources Advisory Group

An initiative was taken by the Finance & Management staff (responsible for support staff personnel programs) in December 1985 to form a Support Staff Human Resources Advisory Group. The purpose was to have a more formal communication link between members of the supportive operating staff and the administration. The Human Resources Advisory Group (HRAG) consists of nine members who are selected by work area. The selection process is determined by the individual work area. Each member serves a three-year term. Terms are staggered so that one-third of the members are new each year.

HRAG provides a forum for individuals to call attention to personnel matters for group discussion. Please contact the group representative from your work area to suggest agenda items or to express any concerns you may have.

  • Regular meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month.
  • Informal meetings are called as needed by a HRAG chairperson who set meeting agendas and discuss current issues.
  • Archived meeting discussion notes can be found in the HRAG Meeting Minutes, which can be found on MyDenison.

Purpose of HRAG

There are four objectives related to the existence of the support staff personnel advisory group.

  • To provide invaluable input to the University on behalf of all support staff in the development of personnel programs through those individuals in Finance and Management who deal with personnel activities.  An integral part of this activity which serves as a base for the work of the group is the HR Communication meetings held each year.  Other input is provided by members of the supportive operating staff to members of HRAG for consideration.
  • To serve as a sounding board on any proposed or new initiatives or revised programs in the personnel arena.
  • To provide informal feedback to member of their areas.
  • To provide a communication link on institutional planning activities.


⇒ For more information on HRAG members and archived meeting minutes, please visit Human Resources channel on MyDenison.

Denison Operating Working Staff

DOWS exists to develop an atmosphere of social and/or educational harmony among all university employees.  Membership is open to all Supportive Operating Staff.  DOWS is well-known throughout the Denison community for its annual charity auction, which raises money for local families in need.

We are always looking for assistance to organize the events sponsored by DOWS throughout the year.  Please contact any officer listed for more information, to share your ideas, or find out how you can help. 

DOWS Staff


⇒ For more information on DOWS events, membership, and the assistance form, please visit Human Resources channel on MyDenison.