Language & Culture House

Special Cultural Opportunities

Language & Culture House

The Language and Culture House is an exciting residential option that gives second, third, and fourth-year students a special environment where they can hone their language skills and participate in special cultural events.

If you choose this option, you will live in a small community of peers who share your enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures.  Special extracurricular activities and programming in the Language House will support your language acquisition and you will have opportunities for a close relationship with professors and language assistants from the department of Modern Languages.  This option is ideal for students who want to sharpen their daily language skills, as well as for students returning from abroad who want to maintain those skills.

The Language and Culture House, largely administered by its residents with the help of the Modern Languages Department, will organize activities involving all modern languages that are taught at Denison: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Within the house, language clusters will be organized with the make-up of the clusters dependent upon the numbers of students enrolled in the program.  The students within the clusters will determine whether or not use of the target language will be required in the House.

Activities will include such things as visits by writers, scholars, and artists, performances by dance and theater troupes, celebration of national holidays (for example Día de los Muertos and Mardi Gras), and introductions to Arabic and Chinese calligraphy.

Participants in Preston's Language and Culture Program will enroll in a one-credit fall colloquium.  The colloquium will center on the viewing and discussion of foreign-language films chosen for their appropriateness as vehicles for addressing issues of special interest to students of foreign languages and cultures, and for considering the topic chosen for community-wide attention.

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