Alcohol Education Programs


BASICS stands for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students. BASICS is a two session program with the goal to assist students in exploring their own alcohol use in a judgement-free environment. During the first session, students will examine their patterns of use by taking a series of questionnaires that the facilitator will later use to create a personalized feedback report. During the second session, the personalized feedback report is reviewed, and students will begin to identify strategies they can use to decrease their likelihood of negative consequences associated with alcohol use. Ultimately, what a student decides to do with the information in BASICS is up to him/her. This program is appropriate for any student who wishes to learn more about their alcohol use, or for students who may be concerned about their alcohol use.

Note: the BASICS program and assessments are used for educational purposes only. They are not used to diagnose alcohol abuse or dependency. If you have significant concerns about your alcohol use, you should contact Counseling Services for a substance use assessment at 740-587-6647.


The CHOICES program uses interactive journaling and group discussion to educate students about how alcohol affects the body. Topics covered include standard drink sizes, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), factors that influence intoxication, signs of alcohol poisoning, and using risk reducing strategies. 

  • Approximately 45-50 minutes
  • No minimum / maximum class size
  • Appropriate for groups seeking general alcohol education

TIPS Training

TIPS stands for Training Intervention Procedures, and is designed to teach students how to intervene effectively in alcohol related situations. The program uses interactive skills training, discussion, and role playing to engage participants in the material. At the end of the program, students take a quiz to become TIPS certified. Read more about the TIPS for the University program here:

Want to become TIPS certified? View the What's Happening area for all the latest session registration and training dates.

Maximum class size is 35 students. Please make sure to specify which session you would like to attend.

How do I request a program?

To inquire about a program for your student group, please contact the Coordinator of Alcohol, Drug, & Health Education. Some programs are offered on a monthly basis, while others can be requested for a particular date and time to fit your schedule.