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Wellness Education: Mission & Values

The mission of Wellness Education is to empower Denison University students to develop healthy and responsible habits, attitudes, and lifestyles. The Office of Wellness Education promotes healthy living through the implementation of sustained education programs and campaigns, addressing a wide range of issues including alcohol and drug use, sexual health, nutrition, and general wellness. By using a social ecological public health model of prevention, the Office of Wellness Education takes into account the many individual, social, community, and institutional factors that influence health behaviors.

Information on this page should not be used as a substitute for talking with a professional in the field of alcohol and drugs or for consulting a medical professional. Individual differences often influence the body's reaction to a drug and should always be considered. The legal information provided is of a general nature and should not be used in place of speaking with an attorney if the case warrants.

No Regrets

Many Denison students report doing something they later regretted as a consequence of drinking alcohol.

What does “No Regrets” mean?

For some students, no regrets means adopting a lower-risk drinking style. This involves using protective strategies to consume alcohol more safely and maintain a lower BAC level. It also means knowing how and when to step in and help friends in alcohol related situations, even before serious emergencies arise.

For other students, no regrets means choosing not to drink alcohol at all. It is always okay not to drink. This is the safest option if you take certain medications, may be pregnant, or demonstrate any signs of alcohol dependency. This is the legal option if you are under 21. 

It’s easy to assume that everyone on campus uses alcohol in an unsafe manner. The No Regrets campaign was developed to educate the Denison community about safer alcohol use, as well as highlight the fact that most Denison students use protective strategies when they drink. The campaign was developed by the Drug and Alcohol Resource Team (DART).


⇒ For more information on Denison's No Regrets campaign, please visit: MyDenison » Campus Resources » The Whisler Center for Student Wellness