Group Meetings

Now What?

Now What? is a place for students to explore, reflect, and integrate their off-campus study experiences. Students share their stories and talk about what they have learned and continue to learn from their time away from Denison. For more information please contact the

Spectrum Support Group

The Spectrum Support Group is for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning. The group is intended to provide a safe space for SSG students to discuss common experiences related to their sexual identity, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. Typical topics include relationships, family, campus climate, development of community, societal issues, and self-care, among others. Specific times and location are announced at the beginning of each semester and based on the availability of students. Please contact the

Life After Loss

Life After Loss is a counseling and support group for students who have experienced loss. Lunch is provided. Location and time is announced at the beginning of the semester. Please join us for conversation, comfort, and support or respond to if you have any questions.

The Productivity Circle

Counseling Services, in collaboration with Academic Support & Enrichment, offers a group for students who would like to learn more skills to manage symptoms of ADHD. A formal diagnosis of ADHD is not necessary to attend. This group emphasizes psychoeducation about ADHD and how it may impact a student in college. Students learn strategies to increase success in academia, build new habits to improve overall wellness, and gain support for making the transition to college. This group emphasizes the strengths and talents of students with ADHD. Contact Sanda Gibson for more information.