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Denison gets high fives for sustainability efforts

Sierra Club magazine just released it's “Cool Schools” rankings for sustainability practices. Denison was the second-ranked university in Ohio, after Oberlin College and ahead of Ohio State University.

Denison University is committed to nurturing ecological sustainability both on campus and in the world beyond. In recognition of the college's efforts, the Sierra Club placed Denison on a rankings list of sustainability-committed colleges. Denison was ranked second among eight Ohio colleges who participated in the rankings.

Denison recognizes that environmental responsibility is a way of life, not just a trend, and that new science continually brings new opportunities for improvement, so the active commitment to nurturing sustainability will never end.

According the the Sierra Club website, “Universities are dense with passionate, creative idealists. There's time to care about the world and energy to act. Young people are willing to be bold and take chances.

“To celebrate the schools that honor their students' idealism by committing to the planet's big issues, Sierra has, for eight years now, tallied America's greenest universities. Our ranking is the result of an extensive survey, created in partnership with the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.”

Posted Date 
August 21, 2014