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Greensheet 2016-17


From the desk of the Coordinator: Picking the Right Theme

Welcome back to another exciting year for sustainability at Denison. I spent a good deal of time this summer thinking about ways to increase awareness of and engagement with important issues of sustainability on our campus. This year, the Office of Sustainability will be focusing on monthly themes addressing relevant topics that are both directly connected to our efforts on campus and have much broader connections beyond Denison.

Each month will feature a Dinner & Documentary screened in Huffman Hall Presidents’ Dining Room over the dinner hour. Thanks to a partnership with Bon Appetite, the first 30 to come to the screening will get a free dinner.

Monthly themes will feature one or two lectures or presentations and will often include collaborations with other organizations and departments planning related events.

So, what are those themes? With so many possible topics of interest, the hard part was limiting it to six relevant topics. Here they are with some additional commentary that may pique your interest and get you engaged.

  • SEPTEMBER - Local & Responsible Foods

    Denison sources over 40% of the food served in the dining hall locally and responsibly. In fact, we’re a national leader among colleges in that regard. We’ve also been a strong partner in the development of the Newark Canal Market District - Ohio’s largest outdoor covered farmers’ market.

  • OCTOBER - Energy

    Campus energy use has dropped over 30% in the last five years leading to significant savings. The college is grappling with making the next big steps to get us to carbon neutrality and energy independence.

  • NOVEMBER - Food Waste

    Over 1/3 of the food produced annually is lost or wasted. Why is this? What can we be doing to reduce food waste and to reduce food insecurity on a local and global scale.

  • FEBRUARY - Recycling

    A year can’t go by without some discussion of recycling at Denison. Of all the waste generated on campus each year, we divert about 250 tons (30%) from the landfill. Not bad, except that nearly 80% of what we throw away can be reused, recycled, or composted.

  • MARCH - Climate Change

    Climate change is probably the most important issue of our time. We may all witness one of the largest mass extinction events in global history. Will humans be part of that? Can we right the ship and turn things around? Denison has a carbon neutral goal of 2030 - is that soon enough?

  • APRIL - Social Responsibility

    While many view sustainability as solely an environmental endeavor, the foundation of sustainability is rooted in social responsibility and social justice. Can we ensure access to vital resources to all and can we do so in a way that is equitable and just?

Please contact the Office of Sustainability if you are interested in presenting on one of the themes or if you would like to collaborate with the Office of Sustainability on activities or events.

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Posted Date 
Monday, November 14, 2016