Technology & Sustainability

Eco Button

Information Technology Services (ITS) has played an important role in reducing Denison's environmental footprint. All campus printers and copiers currently capable of duplex printing are configured to print double sided automatically. ITS encourages offices and departments to convert from paper to electronic versions, and has worked to expand opportunities for Denison to utilize online resources.

In addition to minimizing paper use and printing on campus, there has also been a push to reuse and recycle computers, rather than buy new technology. All computer components at the end of their life cycle are donated or recycled, and inkjet cartridges and toner can be recycled across campus. As a general practice, ITS purchases EPEAT Certified computer products when any new purchases are necessary.

  • How to reduce your computer's energy use
  • Eco-Button -- ITS is experimenting with new technology to save energy. The eco button is connected to a computer, and allows for a user to put a computer in the most efficient energy saving mode available, and be immediately revived with a simple click. It also allows users to track the amount of carbon units and money the device is saving.