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Recycling at Denison

Denison has a long legacy of recycling. Started in 1984, the Denison University Recycling Program is still active on campus and works to promote recycling and waste reduction. Around campus, recycling receptacles are available in the campus commons, academic buildings, and behind dormitories.

In 2004, Denison opened the Denison University and Granville Community Recycling Center located on Pearl St. across from the Physical Plant.

What Can Be Recycled at Denison

Starting in 2013 Recyclables are now collected as comingled - this means that all recyclables (paper, cardboard, plastics #1 - #7, aluminum, metal cans, and glass bottles) can be placed in any campus recycling bin regardless of whether it has a WET or DRY label.

In addition, Denison recycles rechargeable batteries, cds, dvds, cell phones, and chargers in a variety of locations around campus. E-waste recycling is brought to you through a partnership with Ohio Drop Off. Larger electronics can only be collected at the Denison Recycling Center.

What can be recycled in a campus recycling bin?

Accepted Materials

Plastic: All plastic bottles #1-7. Labels and caps do not need to be removed. Please rinse all containers

Glass: Clear, brown, green and blue glass bottles and jars in which food and beverage products are packaged. Labels do not need to be removed. Please rinse all containers

Paper: Newspaper with ad slicks, magazines, phone books, brown grocery bags, frozen food boxes, “junk” mail, chipboard, corrugated cardboard, and office paper.

Carton Containers: Gable-top containers and/or paperboard containers containing items such as milk, juice, fabric softener, egg substitute, soup, stock, and broth. Please rinse all container

Metals: Aluminum beverage cans, steel and tin cans, aluminum foil, and empty aerosol cans. Labels do not need to be removed. Please rinse all containers.

Non-Accepted Materials

Plastic: containers that DO NOT have a bottle neck or a base larger than the top. For example, yogurt cups, butter tubs, drinking cups, disposable storage containers, toys, plastic bags, plastic films and bubble wrap

Glass: Ceramics, window or drinking glass, light bulbs and any other glass not in the shape of a bottle or jar

Paper: Cups, plates, egg cartons, tissues, etc.

Polystyrene foam or “Styrofoam”: Egg cartons, plates, cups, etc.

Drink Pouches: Made of or lined with foil and plastic

Metals: Coat hangers, steel scraps and any other metal not in the shape of a container

Additional information about recycling practices:

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