Energy & Water


Doane Library Solar Panels

Denison recognizes that energy and water conservation are key to becoming a more sustainable campus. The college is currently in the process of installing smart meters on its buildings so that current energy use can be monitored, giving the Facilities Department and building occupants opportunities to reduce energy use.

As buildings and spaces are renovated, Denison makes every attempt to install energy & water-saving technologies such as light and motion sensors, Energy Star appliances, energy-efficient HVAC systems, low flow plumbing fixtures, dual flush toilets, and waterless urinals.

Denison has three solar arrays on campus.

  • The Doane Library array is 6.44kW and was installed in 2007
  • The Homestead (create a link to the Homestead webpage) array is 10.14kW and was installed in 2013. It offsets all of the Homestead’s annual electric use.
  • The Polly Anderson Field Station array is 7.84kW and was installed in 2014.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Denison recently conducted a greenhouse gas inventory using the Clean Air - Cool Planet model. This inventory creates baseline data from 2005 that will allow Denison to track its emissions and to develop strategies to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the coming years.

Campus Carbon Footprint

Denison Utility Data