About Sustainability

Our Commitment
Office of Sustainability

The mission of Denison University is “to inspire and educate students to become autonomous thinkers, discerning moral agents, and active citizens of a democratic society.” The college’s mission is reflected in its commitment to principles of sustainability.

  • As critical thinkers, we acknowledge the evidence that climate, air and water quality, and natural resource availability are changing on a global scale in ways that adversely affect the ecology of the planet and human welfare.
  • As moral agents, we recognize that the college and all individuals who are part of the Denison community share responsibility in contributing to environmental change by reducing both resource consumption and the production of waste.
  • As active citizens, individually and institutionally, we are committed to playing a leadership role in advancing a sustainable future for our world.

We will do this by example, reducing the environmental impact of the college through the use of sustainable practices, and through education and research, advancing society’s knowledge and commitment to sustainable practices.

More specifically, Denison University and all members of the Denison community are committed to reducing resource consumption and waste production with the ultimate goal of attaining carbon neutrality. We will assess the environmental impact of the activities and resources needed to fulfill the mission of the college and:

  • Seek sustainable options for meeting those needs
  • Make the best use of resources and reuse or recycle them when possible
  • Dispose of waste in ways that causes the least negative impact
  • Take into consideration the life cycle and environmental impact of materials and products purchased by the college

Furthermore, we will endeavor to advance the knowledge base that will enable us to protect and preserve the earth’s resources.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability interacts with the students, staff, and faculty of Denison to increase awareness and engage the campus community on ways to move the college towards a more sustainable future.

The Office of Sustainability also strives to connect with the surrounding community on ways to collaborate, educate and empower individuals to be active citizens in the effort to be socially responsible and reduce our impact on the environment.

Campus Sustainability Committee

The Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC), formed in 2009 as a standing committee of the Denison’s University Council, operates under the premise that to change the world, we must first create change within our circle of influence. As members of this committee, we commit to take and recommend actions that:

  1. Respect the dynamic equilibrium of planetary ecosystems
  2. Reduce our impact on the natural environment through reduced consumption and educated resource use decisions.
  • Maintain an open flow of dialogue and communication regarding sustainability on campus
  • Establish communication with appropriate representatives of the Granville Community
  • Assess current practices and establish specific guidelines regarding resource management
  • Foster sustainable practices within our diverse, multifaceted community
  • Establish benchmarks for sustainable resource management and solicit annual reports from key campus units
  • Produce a comprehensive annual Campus Environmental Report

Campus Sustainability Coordinator

The duties of the Campus Sustainability Coordinator include:

  • Advises the Campus Sustainability Committee
  • Collaborates with students and student groups to promote sustainability on campus
  • Conducts annual evaluations of Denison Sustainability progress
  • Serves as a liaison between the college and other sustainability-themed organizations
  • Assists departments and offices in the implementation of sustainability best-practices
  • Explores ways to reduce the college’s consumption of resources and reduce its waste
  • Facilitates the administration of the Hunting Environmental Venture Fund
  • Publishes a monthly sustainability newsletter – The GreenSheet
  • Conducts sustainability workshops:
    • How to Make Your Dorm/Home More Energy Efficient
    • The Fine Art of Composting
    • Growing Your Own Food – Backyard Gardening
    • Greening up the Office
    • The Basics of Canning and Storing Food

Student Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Student Sustainability Advisory Committee is composed of a small group of students interested in discussing ways to promote sustainability on campus, and translating this discourse into action.

Facilitated by the sustainability coordinator, students collaborate to develop focused solutions to environmental problems on Denison’s campus. For example, the committee has considered how to reduce paper waste generated from fliers hung across campus, and develop a more environmentally-friendly alternative for publicizing events.

If you are interested in learning more about the committee, or becoming involved, please contact Jeremy King, kingje@denison.edu.