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Granville: the most beautiful town in Ohio


Expedia has named Granville the most beautiful town in Ohio.

Expedia's travel blog has uncovered the most beautiful towns in the 50 states, and — you guessed it — Granville takes the prize for Ohio.

Though the website's description doesn't mention Denison's verdant campus, designed by the Frederick Law Olmstead architectural firm, which sits atop 160 acres in the heart of the village (along with our breath-taking views of the Welsh Hills), we know that our Hill is a gorgeous place to call home. Here's the Expedia description.

“Let your eyes linger on the rural village of Granville. Taking a page out of New England, it has its fair share of historical charm. Here you’ll find the lavish Granville Inn, constructed in 1924, along with the 52-room Bryn Du Mansion, which was originally built in 1865 and later renovated in 1905. While you’re in town, head to the top of the grassy bluff, overlooking Raccoon Creek Valley, where the famous, ancient Alligator Effigy Mound sits.”

Posted Date 
Tuesday, March 14, 2017