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About Gilpatrick

What We Do

A compelling life story, deeply held values and passions, and good ideas can take you a long way.

The Gilpatrick Center is the hub for programs that promote excellence in student research, cultivate the pursuit of scholarships and fellowships, and train students in the best ways to apply for and acquire those awards.

Many events and opportunities are open to all students, but some are only available to students with solid GPAs. High grades mean more opportunities. Generally a 3.0 GPA is the minimum GPA required, with a few exceptions. More commonly students with GPAs above 3.7 are the most competitive ones.

Here are some of the things the Gilpatrick Center does:

  • Host events and outings, such as Chowder Hour and service projects in the community
  • Provide housing for students engaged in research
  • Fund student research and academic enhancement
  • Coordinate summer research, on and off campus
  • Oversee and support post-graduate fellowship applications