What is SALAD?


SALAD is a workshop experience for student leaders interested in learning how to better lead and serve a diverse campus community.

Trained facilitators from the renowned organization CAMPUSPEAK join us at Denison to lead students through exercises and discussions aimed at encouraging them to consider the challenges and issues of serving a diverse student body.

At SALAD we explore the stereotypes, misconceptions and communication barriers that prevent some campus organizations from working cooperatively. By the end of the workshop, students develop an action plan that will keep them working together toward a more supportive, stronger campus community. Student leaders get to know one another and make connections that will help them tackle the important issues facing our campus and their fellow students.

SALAD is a program of the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center and the Leadership Fellows, with partial funding by the Denison Campus Governance Association.

How do I apply to participate in SALAD?

SALAD will not be offered in the 2016-17 academic year. Check back in the fall of 2017 for applications!

Feel free to contact the Leadership Fellows ( for more information.