D.U. Lead

What is D.U. Lead?
D.U. Lead

D.U. Lead is an intensive weekend institute for emerging leaders in the Denison community. Limited to a select number of first-year students, the D.U. Lead institute aims to address and develop a variety of leadership skills.

D.U. Lead is about leading with integrity and making your mark within the Denison Community to create and sustain positive change. D.U. Lead participants participate in fun, interactive activities and simulations in a lively, upbeat environment. The social change model of leadership development is the theoretical basis for this Institute. Participants work closely with 8-10 peers in small groups called clubs. Participants will be mentored by junior/senior students who serve as club facilitators.

Our Club Advisors for the 2013-2014 D.U. Lead Institute are:

  • Lauren Adejumo ‘15
  • Emma Bosley-Smith ‘15
  • Marissa Gilbert ‘15
  • Josh Goldman ‘14
  • Michaela Grenier ‘14
  • Sam Heyman ‘14
  • Tina King ‘15
  • Pushkal Mehrish ‘15
  • E.B. Mumford ‘15
  • Maddie Paule ‘14
  • Lauren Tyger ‘14
  • Jackson Wu-Pong ‘15

We also have two wonderful Co-Lead Facilitators, Natalie K. Pariano, Director of Campus Leadership and Involvement and Erik Farley, Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Multi-Cultural Student Affairs Office.  

For more information, please contact the D.U. Lead Planning Team at leadershipfellows@denison.edu or Director of Campus Leadership & Involvement, Natalie Pariano