Fraternities & Sororities


Denison has established the fraternity and sorority community as a model of excellence through individuals, chapters, and councils that perpetually strive for congruence in word and deed with the prescribed and shared principles of fraternity. It is Denison's vision that Individuals, chapters, and councils demonstrate all of the values to which they pledged.

Fraternity/Sorority Life at Denison is a program of the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center. The staff member responsible for the Fraternity/Sorority Life programs is the Associate Director of Campus Leadership & Involvement, Aimee M. Maczko. In addition, the Denison Greek community is supported by a critical network of volunteers who serve as advisors to the fraternity/sorority organizations.

  • Chapter Advisors – are alumni/ae of each organization who are appointed by an inter/national officer to supervise and support the programming and operations of each undergraduate chapter
  • Advisory Teams – are composed of additional advisors, often in specific operational areas, that form a committee chaired by the chapter advisor
  • Faculty Advisors – are Denison faculty or staff members who volunteer their time to guide and mentor a chapter.  Every campus organization is required to have at least one Denison advisor.

For more information contact Aimee Maczko or Matthew Vetter.

Fraternity & Sorority Life Brochure

Fraternity & Sorority Life

"Fraternity/Sorority Life" is typically a commonly used term to describe the community of fraternities and sororities on a college campus.  Sororities represent female members of the Greek community and Fraternities refer to male organizations. Fraternity/Sorority Life as a whole involves the furthering of principles such as sisterhood/brotherhood, service, scholarship, and leadership.

Members of the Fraternity/Sorority Life community are exposed to a support network that provides them with life skills, social experiences, and the opportunity for growth in their college careers. Each sorority and fraternity on campus represents an individual chapter of a larger national organization, and brings these national ideals to campus. Every chapter is unique in the values they hold most dear and the individuals they encompass.

The fraternity and sorority community operates in a self-governance model, led by four governing councils. The councils exist to govern and program for the fraternity/sorority organizations and their members. The goal of the councils is development, structure, continued improvement, and enhancement for approximately 700 affiliated students on campus. The official councils and chapters at Denison University are listed below.

For more information on joining a Greek organization and eligibility requirements, please visit Greek Recruitment & Intake.

To view current statuses of Greek organizations on campus, please see Chapter Statuses.