Chapter Statuses

Greek Life Reports

The College only recognizes Greek-lettered organizations who legitimately operate through inter/national organizations and members who are duly initiated into these respective organizations. A list of the officially recognized organizations within Denison's Fraternity and Sorority Life are listed by council under Governing Councils and Chapters.

Chapter statuses will be updated as new information becomes available.

  • Kappa Sigma, Gamma Xi Chapter -- As of November 1, 2013, Gamma Xi Chapter of Kappa Sigma is suspended pending investigation for violations regarding the Denison Code of Conduct.
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ohio Tau Chapter -- As of June 19, 2013, the Ohio Tau Chapter is suspended through the end of the academic year in 2018 as a result of the recent finding regarding hazing and growing risk management concerns, Ohio Tau's conduct history, and inability to more significantly improve its behavior. 

    After the end of the academic year in 2018, Denison University will be prepared to discuss with Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity possible recolonization at Denison, should student interest in the fraternity prompt such conversation. As a suspended Chapter, the former members of the Ohio Tau Chapter are not permitted to wear their Sigma Phi Epsilon letters on campus or at any University-sponsored event, and they may not represent themselves as a group, in any way, under the Sigma Phi Epsilon moniker, or any other moniker. Any such evidence will impact the University's decision to consider recolonization of the Ohio Tau Chapter at Denison.

  • Sigma Chi Fraternity, Mu Chapter -- As of June 14, 2013, the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi has been placed on  Disciplinary Probation (with eligibility restriction) through April 30, 2014. As a Chapter on probation, the organization is not considered to be in good standing with Denison.

    Disciplinary Probation limits the Mu Chapter's eligibility to represent Denison and itself, both on- and off-campus, during the probationary period. Members may continue to wear and display their Greek letters and they may continue to engage in service, philanthropic, and Ritual activity, either on- or off-campus, but in a manner consistent with Sigma Chi expectations. The Mu Chapter will not be eligible to hold any executive officer positions on IFC or participate in any fraternity or sorority events, including but not limited to: serenades, Greek Week, Anchor Splash, etc. with the exception of events that are connected to Sigma Chi service, philanthropy, or Ritual expectations. Sigma Chi may continue to field IM teams. All participation or representation desired by the Chapter must be discussed with the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center who may approve or deny such participation at their discretion.

    During the period of Disciplinary Probation, Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi is asked to focus on:
    • Building stronger internal operations and officers through participation in International Sigma Chi trainings and working closely with designated alumni officers and International staff for officer training and transition
    • Focusing on ritual and brotherhood in the absence of alcohol

    • Educating the campus on hazing through hosting a program during the 2013-2014 academic year
    • Becoming a leading example of a values-based organization at Denison and a positive contributor to the community

      In April 2014, it will be determined whether the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi will remain at Denison, or be suspended.
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Pi Gamma Chapter-Denison Members -- In July 2012, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. officially suspended the Denison University members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. that were involved in the hazing incident. Denison University will not be included in Pi Gamma Chapter activities for at least two years until all current initiated undergraduate members have graduated. In the Fall of 2014, the university will work with the Graduate Chapter in development of a plan to consider forward progress, at which time the university community will be updated.
  • KZ Status -- You may have heard of KZ at Denison. These are students who are improperly representing themselves under the guise of an organization and are not legitimate or recognized as a club or organization at Denison. They are not members of our active Kappa Sigma chapter and have no rights or privileges as a fraternity or campus organization at Denison.
  • Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Status -- You may have heard of FIJI (Phi Gamma Delta) or KZ at Denison. These are students who are improperly representing themselves under the guise of an organization and are not legitimate or recognized as a club or organization at Denison. Please see the special statement below issued in 2009 regarding FIJI.

"In spring 2007 Denison University and Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity took action to close the Phi Gamma Delta Chapter at Denison. The Denison students who were members of the fraternity at that time continued as members individually, but from that point, neither they nor any other students at Denison have been authorized to operate as a chapter nor to use the name Phi Gamma Delta or the nickname Fiji as a group.

We have heard rumors that a group of students has been operating under the name Fiji and that it is recruiting members. If those rumors are true, those students are using a registered name of Phi Gamma Delta without authorization and will never be recognized as members of the fraternity: whether by the national chapter or by the alumni. We want all Denison students to understand that there is no Phi Gamma Delta or Fiji chapter at Denison. If any student who is interested in joining a fraternity is approached about joining an underground group referring to itself as Fiji or Phi Gamma Delta, we recommend that he instead consider joining one of the recognized Greek organizations at Denison."

—Statement from the Denison Alumni Advisory Board of Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) on September 23, 2009.