Entrepreneurship Program

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Entrepreneurship is a process of innovation that brings imagination, creativity, and risk to bear on a real-world opportunity, creating sustainable value that did not exist previously.

Project Startup, Denison's entrepreneurship education program, is designed to assist students in making connections between their liberal arts education and real world entrepreneurial applications. The program emphasizes critical thinking, imaginative problem-solving, perception in recognizing opportunity and the ability to break out of established paradigms.

It works primarily through six initiatives:

Students know they have to build a wide range of interdisciplinary skills that give them maximum flexibility and preparation for the future. They want to learn how to recognize opportunity, harness the resources to exploit that opportunity, exercise their creativity, create sustainable solutions, take the inherent risks, and participate in the rewards.

These initiatives are structured to operate through collaborations across the campus, benefiting from partnerships with Organizational Studies, Career Exploration and Development and The Alford Center for Service Learning.

Opportunities may be realized in four ways and are not mutually exclusive:

  • Commercial: opening a new business.
  • Intrapreneur: promote innovation or introduce new products or services or markets in existing firms.
  • Social: create charitable organizations designed to be self-sustainable.
  • Public: focus on innovation and customer service in government agencies.

The entrepreneurship education program would not be possible if not for the generosity of the Burton D. Morgan Foundation.  We thank the foundation for their continued support of Denison University.