Elephants & Onions

What is Elephants & Onions?

Elephants & Onions is an interactive workshop that introduces students to the difficult discussions that surround social justice and social change. We hope that students and campus leaders will leave the workshop feeling empowered to create a stronger, safer, more nurturing community for people of all walks of life.

Trained facilitators from the renowned organization CAMPUSPEAK will introduced thought-provoking activities that will guide Denison students as they peel back the layers of diversity subjects that are often viewed as ‘elephants in the room’. Students will explore topics such as dominant identity privilege, marginalized life experiences, patterns of assumptions and behaviors, and the widely varying values sets that each individual holds dear. These emotional topics may cause tears — kind of like peeling an onion.

Get it? Elephants in the room… Peeling the onion… Elephants & Onions.

Elephants and Onions is a program of the Campus Leadership & Involvement Center and the Leadership Fellows, with partial funding by the Denison Campus Governance Association.

How do I apply to participate in Elephants and Onions?

Elephants and Onions will not be offered in the 2015-16 academic year. Check back in the fall of 2016 for applications!

For more information, please contact the Leadership Fellows, leadershipfellows@denison.edu.