Community Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Response Team (CSMART) is an interdisciplinary coordinating body comprised of students, faculty and staff who work with the Denison community to develop and implement prevention, education and response strategies related to sexual misconduct.  To view resources to assist friends and family members in supporting a victim/survivor of sexual misconduct, a list of confidential resources, and reporting resources visit our CSMART page.

CSMART maintains a document, Victim/Survivor Resource Guide and Respondent Protocol for Sexual Misconduct, to assist students, faculty, and staff in responding to sexual misconduct.

View the Victim/Survivor Resource Guide & Respondent Protocol for Sexual Misconduct


Sexual Harassment and Rape Education (SHARE) is a student organization that provides confidential support and guidance to survivors of sexual misconduct on Denison University’s campus. SHARE advocates provide information to those who seek help or knowledge. SHARE also seeks to encourage discussion and awareness of sexual issues on campus.

More information about SHARE and a list of the current members of the Executive Board and SHARE advocates can be accessed on our SHARE page.